La Succulente

Savana Elahcene

Savanna Elahcene (b.1993, France) is an artist working with sculpture. She graduated from Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris in 2018 and is now based in Marseille.

Savana says of her practice:
‘The body, as the first place in which we exist, is the essence of my work. Built from kinesthetic, haptic or visual impressions, my sculptures are the result of attempts, physical processes performed by my body. The pieces tend to question the relations of dependence, the way in which things exist in relation to each other and in space. Directly linked to the human scale, some unfold from floor to ceiling, others inhabit the corners. They are hollow, full, fragile, massive, soft, elastic, rigid, soft, or harsh. They represent cocoons, shells, skins… creating ambiguous spaces, both warm and disturbing. The materials I use are very simple and familiar to me. I shape them through techniques that are physically difficult, meticulous, and often slow to perform. My hands are the first testimony of the object to arise. They hollow out, excavate, sew, sand…