La Succulente

Côme Di Meglio

Côme Di Meglio (b. 1988, France) is an artist working in Marseille. His research explores ways of establishing relationships with the living environment through senses, emotions, and imagination. He pleads for a greater awareness in our connection to other beings and elements allowing to inhabit the world more deeply and take part in its permanent transformations. Côme creates installations, spaces, performances, and meals intended to share a state of presence, availability, and heightened attention.

The artist’s creative process begins with an exploration of the environment and its existing matters. He unveils their unapparent qualities, either organic, sensory, or symbolic, able to resonate with our physical dimension to conceive architectures made of mushrooms, collective creation of wickerwork or hypnotic dinners serving unexpected natural aliments.
Côme Di Meglio’s practice is highly collaborative and multidisciplinary, inviting his audience to rethink the relationship to the environment.

Since 2018, Côme develops Les Pierres Sauvages, a series of architectures made of micelium. 

Côme Di Meglio is graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris (2014). In 2021, he was awarded the Planet Solidarity Prize by Art of Change 21 and Maison Ruinart for his artistic approach committed to ecology.

If Côme Di Meglio’s research resonates with your concerns, we would be pleased to initiate a conversation.