La Succulente

Wild Stones

Côme Di Meglio

Wild Stones is a mycelium piece at the cross-road of art, design, and Botanics. For this project, La Succulente responded to designer Ruud Belman’s wish to ‘grow’ a piece of furniture by involving artist Côme Di Meglio whose practice explores the relationship to the living environment.

La Succulente made it possible for these two visions to meet and co-create a bar for a hospitality event taking place in London in November 2022. The resulting piece is an experiment on sustainable ways of ‘making’ and creating awareness towards the ‘living’.

The artist worked for 8 weeks in his studio in Marseille, to grow the bar from Reishi, a mushroom root. The organic piece of furniture has grown to foster, practically and symbolically, human, and natural interactions.

Wild Stones has now been donated to the Royal Botanic Garden Kew in where it undertakes a second step in its journey. Blending with a new natural environment, it is the protagonist of the summer program for the enjoyment of families and children.

Wild Stones will slowly return to the Earth over the time of an English summer, eventually serving as a fertiliser for the soil. This full circle has scientific, public, and poetic relevance.

This project illustrates La Succulente’s ability to propel collaborations and produce innovative, ethical, and sustainable ideas.
Artistic Direction: La Succulente
Artistic Concept: Côme Di Meglio
Design : We Want More

France / Belgium / UK
2022/ 2023

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