La Succulente

Les Pierres Sauvages

by Côme Di Meglio

We Want More, a design studio based in Belgium, commissionned La Succulente to create a bar that would ‘grow’....

For this project, we worked with Côme Di Meglio who explores ways of establishing relationships with our living environment through senses and emotions. Côme conceives devices, from architectures to collective experiences, able to enhance a state of presence, availability, and heightened attention.

Since few years, he develops an artist research around mycelium, through the project Les Pierres Sauvages. 
Invisible to our eyes, mycelium, the root of mushrooms, plays an essential role in nature, turning dead material into fertile soils. By symbiosis, it connects the trees in a vast network of mutual aid and allow plants to exchange information, weaving a vast underground system that serves multiple species.

For the hospitality fair HIX and We Want Mor Studio, Côme Di Meglio was able to bring his research into mycelium to the central piece of any hospitality space, a bar, where people connect and share. Here, the social essence of a piece of furniture loops with the most natural processes: mushroom growing, reconnecting symbolically and practically human interactions and nature.  

Artistic Concept: Côme Di Meglio
Design : We Want More


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Les Pierres Sauvages - The Mush Room - HIX Fair London