La Succulente


by Côme Di Meglio

French artist Côme Di Meglio conceives immersive architectures and structures patiently woven by the roots of a living organism, the mycelium.

In 2021, Côme developped Myco-Temple. The domelike structure reminiscent of ancestral habitats is conceived to foster an increased sensibility to the environment and to welcome collective experiences.

Invisible to our eyes, the mycelium plays an essential role in nature. The roots of the mushrooms feed on dead material and turns it into fertile soils. By symbiosis, it connects the trees in a vast network of mutual aid and allow plants to exchange information, weaving a vast underground system that serves multiple species.

The artist works with a Japanese mushroom, Reike, to grow the architectural space. The thick walls of the structure isolates from outside sounds and the inside envelops the visitors into unexpected colors and textures, some rough like minerals, others soft as skin. The undergrowth smell from mycelium recalls earthy sensation from the forest. This living organism that has become architecture, stimulates our senses and fosters connections to one-self and to others, recalling caves and sacred architecture where notion of community was born.

is intended to host performances, concerts, dinners and eventually to return to the Earth, serving as a fertiliser for the soil; its disappearance being integral to the artistic gesture.

A first prototype has been developped with the support of Château de Servières, Arts Ephémères, and la Mairie de Plan-de-Cuques and is visible at the artist’ studio.

If you are interested in exhibiting the prototype, discussing future applications of the process, please contact us. 


Mycelium de Ganoderma Lucidum, wood waste
600 x 600 x 300cm