La Succulente

During Milan Design Week 22, La Succulente took part in Alcova, with Materia Sensibile. The installation gathered the work of three artists exploring natural processes in the making of artefacts.

With a dome-like structure called Myco-Temple, Côme Di Meglio (France) presented the result of months of research around mycelium. The immersive architecture was patiently built by the roots of a japanese mushroom, the Reike, fed on wastes. The resulting structure is completely organic and sustainable. It is thought as a device allowing better connections with the others and nature, a space allowing an augmented state of presence.

Andere Monjo (Spain), shared the new collection of Rain Tables and Rain prints. For these pieces, the artist and designer let the rain design patterns on paper sheets covered with pigments. The resulting motif is then transfered into mirros and photographic prints, becoming everyday objects that retain the mineral process.

For the event, Martina Cristofani (Italy) conceived three pieces around the notion of repair. The process, always present in nature and explored by japanese culture, has became an important idea in a post-pandemic time. The three porcelai bowls inhabit different states: broken, in process of repair, and healed. With these pieces, the ceramist offers a reflexion on every-day objects in an over-abundant society.
These works are available in different versions.