La Succulente

Selfie 1,  from Super tender

by Minna Pöllänen

Super Tender explores the relationship between sculptural objects and the body through touch. The work consists of tactile wooden objects made to be handled, and selfies with the objects. The wooden forms have been made by gluing off-cut pieces of timber together, which are then chiselled and sanded by hand tools. The untreated surface of the wood carries residues from each touch – over time oil from the skin seeps into the object and slowly changes its colour.

UK/ Finland

Print : Edition of 100
Print + Object : Edition of 10

Digital C-print, Hahnemühle paper.
Paper size: 30,4 x 40,6cm
Image size: 24,4 x 26,6cm

The prints can be bought with the object or separately. 
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